Zvolen began training with new coaches and without a few backs

On Monday, July 29, the Slovak ice hockey champion HKm Zvolen started training on ice. In the afternoon, the players got the equipment and all the things needed to try the ice in the chosen winter stadium for the first time.

“We are excited to be on ice today and not on schedule until August 1. The first week is going to be over, players have to get used to new gear, skates. We will go on high – Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be two – and three – phase, Wednesdays and Fridays will be training in one – phase. There is a lot of players, so they will be divided into groups in the afternoon and will be on ice, gym and stationary bicycles.We’ll all be on ice for the afternoon together, “ quotes the official web site under the Pustý Castle trainer by Lubomir Oslizl.

Zvolen training coach Lubomir Osislo – Dusan Kapusta has the whole cup that finished the first stage of preparation. However, other players have been added to try to convince the implementing team of their qualities and to win the contract. There are youngsters from Slovakia and Czech Republic in Zvolen. “Two offensive assists: If someone in the team seizes, we will be happy if not, we will still have to engage at least one experienced assailant, the cadre is now wide, we want to see the boys first to get here Unnecessarily dragged one more.After fourteen days, we begin to reduce. I swear that we will finally leave four five. Some players will play in Detva and will be immediately available for any injury to players. “

Experienced striker Kamil Brabenec will join Selena on Thursday August 1. By the end of August With preparation on ice wings Michal Chovan, who has completed a knee surgery. “ I’m very good, so I will start working in the gym starting Tuesday. I’m going to go on ice according to my feelings. I suppose it could be at the end of August, “Michal Chovan said.