Zlin Vukadinović no longer wants to be just a joker of the team

The viral disease has eliminated the support of Zlin football players Vukadin Vukadinovic in the last two matches in Hradec Kralove and today at home against Jablonec from the basic set only on the bench of substitutes. Due betting sider på nett to the absence of coaching, Bohumil Páník puts down the second half.

In the role of a symbolic joker that will help decide the outcome.

A week ago in Hradec Kralove scored a goal in the last minute of the match and sealed the victory 2-0. His goal in the 84th minute was a 0: 2 signal to a massive Zlín offensive that led to a 2: 2 draw.

“I do not want to be a jolly. The next match in two weeks I will be ready to rejoin the base line, “smiled the shooter of today’s first goal.He admitted he was not 100% fit. He trained slightly in the week. The only preparation in full load was the day before the match.

As Harba gave his own goal and Zlín lost at the end of the first half, he was about to rehearse. “We were agreed with the coach that I will start again in the second half,” Vukadinović noted, who spent the break on the pitch. That’s why he did not see what was going on in the Zlín locker room after the failed half time.

“I experienced it in Slovácko, where we lost half of it too. That it was not such a climate in the cloakroom.The guys were makali, we just made a nasty goal, “Vukadinović said.

A great part of the optically unproductive performance of Zlín had Jablonec tactics. ” The opponent drew and completely changed the style of the game, Which he has shown so far. He went on to play with five defenders and four midfielders. He snapped just before the goal and the sides. He built fighters and relied on rapid counterattacks. So the game that we produce, “he noticed Serbian footballer from the bench, and odds bonus norge he also had a big part in Zlin’s arrival on the lawn to shake off the offensive and get pressure.

I> “After the match, when we lost two goals before the end, the point is good. We wanted to extend the successful line and stay first in the table. But at least we have maintained our invincibility.Which is also valuable, “ thinks Vukadinović.

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