The Koukala already realized she was a champion: But I had to see it printed

Psychically relaxed before the end of the season, biathlete Gabriela Koukalová flew to the World Cup at the venue of the next Olympic Games in Pyongyang.

The three-time world champion of the Hochfilzen World Championship thinks she will no longer give German Laura Dahlmeier in the overall SP rank. After the championship he stayed two more days in Hochfilzen and on Wednesday after arriving home in Jablonec nad Nisou she realized her success. For her parents she saw a newspaper with her photos and thumbs-ups celebrating her medals. “I was saying, ‘You do not think it’s possible.’ It was when it was literally black on the white.This way in printed form, “said Koukal at Vaclav Havel Airport.

Parents receive all the periodicals from their acquaintances and keep them in memory.” The proud mom collects them, “Koukalova said, but she did not read the articles. “I’d rather read articles about other people,” she said. “All three medals added to the precious metals from the Kontiolahti 2015 championship and those from the Sochi Olympic Games.Just like other trophies, my apartment in the Jablonec apartment is on the floor below her parents. “Mom’s going there sometimes when she’s proud of her mood, and she’s sweeping it so it’s not dust,” Koukalova said.

At home in MS she was skiing, skiing, resting in Hochfilzen And later at home she rested mainly psychologically because the championship was for her exhausting pressure. “I arranged everything I needed, and I went to the cooking,” she said. She and her husband went skiing in the Jizera Mountains, which she praised. She could not stop much anywhere. “Because there was a lot of people around me,” she said.

The world championship was her main goal of the season and she managed it excellently. “Not as good as Laura (five-time World Champion Dahlmeier -Red.) But I’m happy, “said Koukal.

Motivation for the rest of winter is not missing.” I have to say I’m looking forward to somehow. Very much. I say I’ll enjoy it now. I look forward to other people from other countries, and it will be a fun, relaxed, relaxed atmosphere of races with pleasure and everything that’s worth it. “

Despite the long shift, she looked with interest in the future Olympic venue Pchjongchang “I’ve never been there, but it’s a new experience, so I’m glad to try it out and mentally prepare what’s next year waiting for us,” she said, thinking about the Olympic Year. The cups in Kontiolahti and Oslo are all the best. This is a cherry on the cake, I love it very much. So it will be great.There’s no racing and there’s anything going to happen. “

He just can not see a real big round crystal ball defense, but the attack on another SP in the overall SP rank has not been planned for this season, yet he’s second and Dahlmeier Points. “That’s a big leap forward, and there might have to be something extra, for Laura to miss some races, but I do not believe it because she is going through a terrible league this year. When it’s unattainable, “Koukal said.