ONLINE: Pilsen leads over Vítkovice 3: 1, Chomutov compared the series

ONLINE Premier Generali play off Tipsport extraligy will still be a great drama! Chomutov’s hockey players came up after two home-made debts from the ashes and on yesterday’s 5: 1 win they made a 2-1 victory today and the winner of the series will decide the fifth match in North Bohemia. Coach Vladimir Ruzicka celebrated the jubilee 1000th scrambled match in Tipsport extralize. Vítkovice can also decide on the procedure from 18:20, but they need to win on the ice of Pilsen, which does not make its skin cheap. Match ONLINE at!

The Chomutov coach Vladimir Ruzicka celebrated in the best possible way the thousand-legged struggle in the extralize victory.

The homewives did not take the Nagano Olympic winner’s jubilee into consideration and started a little better.After the defeat and the son of Chomutov coach stamped the pole, Mladoboleslav made a quick break, at the end of which Žejdl pushed the disc on the approaching Orsava and he consulted with Lace. The leading goal even worsened the pace of the game but bigger No chance of seeing. The Max Humwell was able to shove his shoulder, and at the opposite end he got the puck in the ride just before Lace’s Stříteský butt, but he did not finish precisely.

The skating club continued to be active in the forward direction, but failed at Maxwell’s attentive. A great boost for the Pirates came in the mid-27s.Minutes in which the Valach defeat the endless defender.

In the middle of the match, Hanzlík’s guests from Central Bohemia have long been in the area before Maxwell, but he had a piece of luck as Huml steered Vondker’s shot off just outside. It was hard for the home team to come back to the game even after the time of the game.

However, the Chomutovs remained on the horse and Maxwell had something to do. Voráček’s foul and another power-up shot but not punished. An excellent reaction was presented by both goalkeepers: Maxwell was distinguished against Vondrk, Laco on the other hand picked Žejdla.Minutes before the second break, Mrázek was guilty of defeat, defeated by Vondrka in a weakness, and with a shot between the concrete he stopped the timer a tenth of a second before going to the cabins – 1: 2. On the start of the third act, Central Bohemia played another minute of the power play, But they obviously did not learn. Shortly before it was finished, the Chomutov captain went back to Maxwell himself, but with the right concrete he kept the chances of the home team to turn. At the end of the 47th minute Růžička’s shot helped again the stick. Koblasa was also behind the back of his back.

Right after he had a unique opportunity to balance Urban, who was driving himself on Laca, but his rider ran away. In 55 minutes Ruzicka offered Mladá Boleslav’s power play.There were several dangerous wounds at home, but the settlement was no longer coming.

Home: 04:48. Orsava

Guests: 26:32. Geld, 39:59.

Domestic: Maxwell (Halász) – Stříteský, Hanzlík (C), T. Voráček, Kučen, Štich, Holub, Hrdinka – Hyka , Musil, Lenc – Orsava, Klepis, Žejdl – Látal, Urban, Pacovský – Jonák, Vampola (A), Pospíšil.

Guests: Laco (Král) – Skinner, Dlapa, Rutta, Mrázek, Valach, Flemming, L. Chalupa – Tomica (A), Huml (A), Skokan – Sklenář V. Růžička Vondrka Koblasa Kämpf Kaše –

Home: 04:58.Preisinger, 10:10. D. Kubalik, 20:22. Kratěna

Guests: 38:33. Kucsera


Domestic: Machovsky (Hylak) – Nemecek, P. Kadlec (A), D. Sklenička, Pulpan (A), Frühauf,


strong> Bartošák (Dolejš) – Hrbas, Sloboda (A), Klok, Baranka, Výtisk (A), L. Kovář, D. Křenelok – D. Květoň, O. Roman, P. Zdráhal – Szturc, Stastny, Olesz ) – Kucsera, Kolouch, Vandas – E. Nemc, Balan, Tomi – Kurovský.