Novak is a polyglot. Becker revealed the finesse when working with Djokovic

The legendary youngest winner of Wimbledon (1985, Becker was not yet eighteen – note) for best bet offers the German media has analyzed his confidant’s play and revealed some details of a two-year collaboration. What, according to Becker, was the biggest change ever in the World No. 1 game?

“It is more aggressive and its position sports personality betting is closer to the baseline. When I got into everything in the beginning of December 2013, with Novak and his trainer Marian Vajda, we sat down and talked seriously about what it was supposed to work for. I think the results are clear, “Becker said.

He also praised that cooperation with Djokovic also facilitates his language skills. And he revealed the “finde” they are using.

“Novak is such a polyglot. When we are alone, we have fun in English.But as soon as we find ourselves in the public or in the tournament, we speak German – so there’s less chance anyone can understand, “Becker smiled, emphasizing that they had similar characters to Djokovic so they could not find a common ground at the beginning.

“We both have a” street fighter “mentality, we can handle unusual obstacles. Novak recently found family well-being, which means a lot to him, but he is still a street fighter in his soul and court. It does not happen right now. “The 28-year-old Serb often reminds them that he is grateful to his team, who is following him after the tournaments.In his box besides Becker, the Slovakian Marián Vajda is sitting as second coach, Serbian physiotherapist Miljan Amanovic and Austrian fitness coach Gebhard Phil-Gritsch.

“Yes, we spend enough time together, we travel, we eat. But we have good relationships and ultimately a common theme. I myself travel much more than I originally planned, but it is worth it. Right from the start, I wanted to get to know Novak as much as a tennis player and a personality, and that is without tournaments, “explained Becker, the winner of the six Grandslam.

And he admitted that co-operation with Djokovic brought him more media attention than in times when he played himself. “Now, after a successful tournament of landing in Munich or Hamburg, the interest is enormous.I do not know why it was not before, “he shrugged.

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