Jablonecký stadion at the Strelnice will welcome the hope of athletics

The 16 best male and female teams represented by 400 young athletes from all over the Czech Republic will be presented in both age categories. More than 16,000 pupils from 900 elementary schools were involved in the Primary School Primary School rounds.

“The turnkey for the Republic’s finals was challenging. Only six winning teams from each of the regional finals with the highest number of points won and with them two more selections in each category with the highest number of points, regardless of the placement in the regional finals, “explained the president of the Association of School Sports Clubs of the Czech Republic Václav Lešanovský . In this year’s finals, Jablonec’s athletics will represent a team of older children at the Arbes Primary School.To repeat a similar triumph as in 2013, when coach Dana Jandova brought her trustee from the Pasířská elementary school in Jablonec nad Nisou to the overall prize, the experts are skeptical this time.

“Unfortunately, unlike In the past few years, we have no strong year in any category, “said plant director Dana Jandova. “However, this competition is extremely popular among schoolchildren, and not only athletes, but also footballers, hockey players and skiers. It’s definitely a great recruiting action. Combat and deployment of the whole team will pull many pupils enough to become members of the athletic division.And often mothers want to register their child on athletics. “

The previous 46 years of the Radio Cup have passed all the great personalities of Czech athletics. The actor of the national championship finals of the Primary Sports League will be supported by the patron of this competition – Athletic Representative and the best Czech decathlete Adam Sebastian Helcelet. He was in 2007 the captain of the ZŠ Skálov ZŠ team from Turnov, who won the Radio Cup. At Jablonecké Strelecnice he will assist with the passing of the cup to the most successful cooperatives and will complete signing and photography with members of the participating teams.

“I participated in the final of the South Bohemian Region in Tábor.I immediately recalled the memories of the period when I was at the Radio Cup, “Halcelet said. “It was my favorite school competition and the peak of the season, I enjoyed a lot of fun with it. I enjoyed the fighting and the efforts of the individual contestants and the fervor of their teachers. In Tábor I was mainly the winner of the high jump Stephen Svoboda, who got 193 centimeters better than I did in his years. I believe that in Jablonec the competitors will perform even better. “Each athletic team consists of twelve members who can take part in two individual disciplines and a relay. Older pupils and students are expected to run at 60 m, 1500/800 m, height, distance, ball of 4 kg / 3 kg and 4 x 60 m.The younger player has the same disciplines, with the exception of running at 1000/600 and throwing a ball instead of a ball.

“The Radio Cup is specific in that it only races in six disciplines – unlike the current program of the Championship of the Republic, Where there are twenty disciplines. That’s why every point is struggling, “said Dušan Molitoris, chairman of the TJ LIAZ Athletics Division in Jablonec nad Nisou and chairman of the organizing committee. “However, the atmosphere of these races is extraordinary, because all the participants are cheering and supporting each other.It is a great honor for every competitor to represent his school in such a great competition. “

About the author | Michael Havlen, editor of MF DNES

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