Djokovic overcame Nadal, still uncertain

LONDON – Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has won the third prize at Rafael Nadal in Spain in his 21st Mutual Match at the opening Friday night of the B-group singles at the jubilee 40th ATP World Tour Finals in London 118 minutes 7: 6 (5), 6: 3.

Twenty-one & yacute; Belgrade player Djokovic set up against a star and scaron year, leaving Lev and Aacute to Nadal at 7:14, Malorcan overtaken for the third time; once in a row. It is clear that the “harde” – the last time before the two weeks of the semifinals in the Palais Omnisports Hall (in the case of Scaron and Scaron, 6: 2) , 6: 3). & Scaron, played on the World Championship for the third time; one time.In 2006 and 2007, he also ended up being among the best & scaron, and the Federer racers, last year absent for chronic & eacute; problem with my knees. Now m & aute; between the elite balance of 4: 7 and the Barcelona bar; Daviscup FLY fin & aacute; le against the Czechs. Djokovic is 6: 5 on a scaron; he tries to improve his scaron. The protagonist of the debut ended 0: 3.

that in the first session he was shuffling immediately & yacute; & uacute; nik nikka na 1: 0, ale aj neskor & scaron; & iacute; n & aacute; jump 4: 2. In the secrecy, Scaron allowed him to live from 2: 6 to 5: 6, and service, Nadal in scaron, and did not appear to be a simple and yahoo; he was begging – Jastrabie’s eye confirmed it next.After the third game of the second part, “Rafa” left behind a scaron. Still, he lost service, and even though he was able to withstand the 1: 5 threat, manko did not miss the beat. Finally, the last ninth game did not use n & aacute, jump 30: 0 and brew & uacute; & scaron; ancu už po odvr & aacute; ten & iacute; two mepballs. Djokovic has prepared & uacute for the third time, the flow of razantn & yacute, m podan & iacute and he ended.

Nadal z ostatn & yacute ten chased; with the help of the top 10 cards; & scaron; tatistik 1: 9. He did not like m & aacute because he was under the roof for four years. The Serb has been able to get the second place in retirement if he opted for a trophy (never in the life and scarons he did not play in the same tournament after the year).He would have been in such a way that he needed to have two doors in front of Djokovic:

the team of the positive B-group & scaron, the 40th annual athletes at the ATP World Tour Finals in London and the Belarusian Max Mirnyj and Israeli Andy Ram.On Friday and Friday, it was decided to win the championship against Cech Luk & aacute; Scaron; Dlouh & yacute; and Indom Leander Paes for 76 minutes & 7: 6 (1), 6: 4. >

The triumph of Belarus and Israel is a sign that the words of Michal Mertiň and the Czechoslovak Franti & Scaron; and vo & scaron, the fight fought finally and eacute; kind & eacute; place in A-group, on Saturday & scaron; semifin & aacute; surely nestretn & uacute; with American and yacute, my brothers Bob and Mike Bryanovce.Dlouh & eacute; and Paes was no longer in the middle and was scaroned, let’s go.

Semifin & aacute; lov & eacute; scenarios & aacute; re for Mertien & aacute; ka with Cerm & aacute; kom:

– if the Bryanovs win, they win 2: 0, bud & uacute; Mertien & Aacute; and Cerm & aacute to play with Mirn & yacute; m and Ramom (in addition to the B-group in Bryanovci)
– if Bryanovci grow up, they beat 2: 1, bud & uacute; Mertien & Aacute; and Black & Aacute; to play with Mirn & yacute; m and Ramom (in addition to posting from the B-group Kubot and Marach)
– if Bryanovci play & uacute; bud & uacute;