Damage was hurrying for a short turn: I will do everything to help and change over the summer

An interesting meeting took place after the ePojisteni.cz football match in Brno after the Zbrojovka against Liberec match. “Hello Chinese,” the coach of Henry Trpišovský, coach of Brno, Michal Škoda, said. He answered him quite annoyed. His expected transfer to China did not work out, he finally fell on Friday. A day later, he seemed to have been disappointed with the performance of the best team shooter.

By ten autumn goals, Michal Škoda certainly can be more dangerous for the opponent’s goal than he has shown against Liberec. He did not get to chance, almost could not be seen. In addition, coach Svatopluk Habanec in 66.He swung away prematurely, refused to disagree with Škoda’s offered feather jacket, waved his hand and went for a drink.

“I was definitely angry. Because I do not think that when it’s 0: 0 and I have given ten goals in the season I should have to change. But the coach saw it, “said the best gunman of the Zombies without dialing. He did not want to rate his performance, but he did not have the impression that the negotiations on China would have him somehow decided.

“It was previously presented so that the clubs were appointed, but it was not true. Because of this, I’m not so disappointed, because I did not really care. I was calm, I played a normal match like the previous, except that I did not get to the end. It is difficult for Liberec. I’m not going to judge my performance, it’s a coach.He obviously did not like it. I can not do anything about it, “he replied.

Habanec agreed with him. Shortly before the game, he talked to Škoda and wanted to know if he was mentally prepared for the match. The transfer saga stretched long, but it ended shortly before the game. It was a pity for China, it was lucrative and appealing. However, Škoda felt mentally fit.

Also, considering how many transfer speculations around his elite player were playing, the coach had to understand his Saturday performance. “He made the average match. If he missed one shot, it could be better. It is necessary to work with psychics.Its goal now has to be sold in the summer, “Habanec said.

He also accepted Škoda’s dissatisfaction with the replacement. “It would be bad if the player wanted to alternate on the basis of his performance. I wanted to change the game and change the emphasis on the attack phase. But the substitution is for me, not for the players, “he said resolutely.

The extravagant attacker is already preparing to try to move abroad after the season. He knows what it will require: to help the team that is saved.

“I figured I’d be in the Zbrojovka spring. There was a chance to switch there, unfortunately it did not work, and I will do everything to move in the summer.It would be a goal or an assistant, and hope that both the team and me will make it happen in the summer, “he said.

Home: 80.


– Jakub Šural, Kijanskas, Pavlík, T. Jablonský – Polák, Zavadil (C) – Olansunjanmi (89. R. Buchta), Michal Škoda (66. Tashchy), Lutonský (75. Přichystal) – Řezníček. P> Guests: Dúbravka – Coufal (C), Kúdela, Latka, Mikula – Bartl (84. Baroš)

Substitutes Home: Tashchy

Guests: Bosančič, Smooth, Smoked,