Coach Slavie Shilhavy does not see Sparta’s worse attitude as an advantage

The new coach of the famous players Jaroslav Šilhavý on Sunday will experience the first derby with Sparta in the role of head coach. Although the Letentes are currently troubled and only two draws after three away games in three competitive games, he does not consider it an advantage. On the other hand, Sparta is a slight favorite because he has a long time together.

“I would not take Sparta at all, I do not see it as an advantage. He will be strong at home, he will want to show that he is wronged and criticized wrongly.Perhaps she would have gained big plus points if the derby was successful, the same is true for us, “said the Shilhous journalists today.

” It is said that the derby does not have a favorite but I also think that Sparta has been together for a long time and is more sophisticated. New players have come to us, they are still working, and the coach has changed. In this case, Sparta has a bit of advantage and above, “compared Šilhavý, who, after entering Slavia, played a 2-2 draw in Teplice and won a 1-0 victory over Liberec.

, That Sparta Tomas Rosicky will hit the derby, who after returning to Letna played from three games only the final 20 minutes with Mladá Boleslav. “I think they are heading for the derby to play.Whether or not he starts playing, that’s a question. I did not know if he was injured, but I expect he will board, “said Šilhavý.

” Tomas is of great quality, with the match rising to a certain level. From our point of view, I would like to be successful in other matches, let him wait. “ Šilhavý smiled with the fact that he did not think of a special tactic at Rosice.

, For example he could seat Gina van Kessela’s summer assault, which has not been successful since coming from Trencin. “Expectations are great. The first two games did not come out, so we switched him. We are not satisfied yet, but we do not blame him. He did not make summer preparations, he represented his homeland. This is the first deficiency.When he is better in the game, he will be able to show what is in him. “

At the beginning of the 90s, he played a derby as a Slavie player but later as an assistant in Sparta. > “I know that the Spartans and the famous fanatics are a priori against, but you can hardly cling to a club in the coaching role. When he throws you away, what? Wait for they to remember you again? “ said Shilhavy. ” At Sparta, the cups were played every year, the Champions League, it was a huge experience. I believe the cups are waiting for us here in Slavia, “he added.

In the role of the player he gave Sparta two goals. ” It always meant a draw. In Old Eden, I scored the goal of Honza Stejskal at 3: 3 and then Peter Koub in Bohemia 1: 1. I remember it alive.The Derby is still as steep and I’m looking forward to my first derby as a coach. We have a fight with Liberec, we have something to refute, “said Šilhavý.

Zdeněk Ščasný, under whose assistant he started his coaching career, ” Our relationship is friendly. When I finished Viktorka as a player, Zdeněk came and I became his assistant. He led my first coach, so it could be a bit of an advantage, “he added.