Beck on US Open ends, lead 2: 0 not enough

NEW YORK – Slovakian tennis player Karol Beck did not win in the first round of singles at the US Open grandslam tournament. Against Argentinean Maxim Gonzalez did not make a promising 2: 0 lead on sets

Jedin & yacute; Slovakia & yacute; from the male singles did not like Magdal & eacute, no Ryb & aacute; rikov & uacute; with Daniel Hantuch, who & eacute;

$ 19,000 dollars, and the ATP Entry rebate will add up to a score of points.Its singles & yacute; m maximom na a aacute; verecnom podujat & iacute; big & scaron creators stayed eight years in 2004, with their most recent and most recent part in the main draw, with the US Open for a dozen consecutive months in the first round. Gonzalez meets with American Jess Witten in the second round, who is yacute; you can use the water bike to disable & uacute; the twenty-ninety of Russian Igor Andreyev.

Beck has a scaron from a passport with Gonzalez and after a chaos break. Argent & iacute; ncana se s & iacute; ce rela tiaacute; p & auml; t & iacute; managed to make it to 2: 2, no more scaron, ie & scaron, and the game was overwhelmed by Becka, who & yacute; has benefited from high-quality, efficient and efficient returns.Also kind & eacute; the activity was clearly in the hands of the trainee of the traveler, and of the Kara Scaron; after two laps he built n & aacute, jump 4: 0.

In the third set in & scaron; gem a aj & scaron; quarter & eacute; the dement belonged to Gonzalez, who & yacute; in the 3: 3 state, he broke the application with the pen. V rozhodujem sa o tom, že Argent & iacute; nčan zavr & scaron; il dokonal & yacute; Turning after two breaks, he rebounded with 5: 2 and turned into a ninth round in a row. t ret & iacute; match point. So Beck did not hang on to the US Open for this year’s Wimbledon, where as a lucky loser he was in the post.

Beck, after winning with Gonzalez, did not miss big and eacute; disappointment. “I was very happy to play a passport, but from the start of the third set, I did a full service and scaron service, which made my loss, I did a lot of doubles and yacutes, sometimes even three per gem and I broke up with my auspicious, gradually improving, and I started to suffer less damage, I slowed down the game, and my pass was out of my way, the first thing and the kind of service was simply a disaster.I have a good idea of ​​water & yacute; “ said Beck, who has been doing so, and his closest scaron and tournament program has not yet been recognized. ” For a while now, a little bit tr & aacute; pim with p & auml; tou. M & aacute; m & aacute out there, pal a must & iacute; m it najsk & ocirc; r doliečiť. Uvid & iacute; me, ac & eacute;

Karol BECK (SR) 2: 6, 1: 6, 6: 1, 6: 4, 6: 3