Safarova could have the title! Serena admitted: I did not want to play

On one winning set Lucie Safarova got this title from Roland Garros this year. Even before the start of the final, the Czech tennis player was closer to her than she had ever suspected. Up until now, her slayer, Serena Williams, described herself as falling asleep in the night before the big fight, not even going to join him. The fever and total exhaustion of the body caused the American to warn the Chief Referee on the day that he did not have a title match. For her career, she won 21 grandslam titles, this Parisian one occupying a special collection of Serena Williams, . THE LASTEST – such a sticker is worn by Suzanne Lenglen in 2015.

Five lost sets during seven games, a total of 69 games in the hands of her rivals.In twenty-one years of professionalism, Serena has never been so fond of grandslam. Until June this year, four of the lost sets (US Open 1999) and 56 games (Wimbledon 2012) were at its peak in grandslam’s triumph.

On such a thin line, the younger Williams sisters were balancing this year in Paris. And not just because of the painful elbow she had already brought to the tournament, and her service garnered the usual breakthrough and especially reliability. Serena had spent two weeks dramatic for Roland Garros, from where she went from bad to worse. If it was not hard as granite, the Czech tennis could have one Grand Slam winner more.For Sports Illustrated, who chose her as a sports personality in 2015, Williams revealed the backstage of the last Parisian days leading to the title. After the first week in which she was already playing at her option and three times playing the 0-1 match, A virosis was sitting on her. The lowest point came after the semifinal, which she pulled literally from the heel at the very edge of the power. Timewalker Swiss Timee Bacsinszka, who led 6: 4 with a 3: 2 strike, fled from the missile when she had the power to control the last 10 games. But her family team was terrified to find her after a match in a dressing room In towel and weeping crying. “I have never seen her in such a state, it has broken my heart,” recalls Mother Oracen.

“I was crying terribly, I did not want to win the match.I just wanted to go home. I said to myself, “I can not play any more!” She remembers Serena, who slept in the bed, and did not think she was getting up for another 36 hours.

The mutilated bumblebee felt weak as a fly, having a temperature of over 38 degrees. Due to fear of doping control, she refused to take medication, and from Friday to Saturday she was asleep that she would not come to the final against Lucia Safarova. The next morning, she’d rather dial the number of the main referee Stephan Fransson and let the organizers prepare for the finale not to take place. At ten o’clock in the morning, when her body was still bled, On an opening, and an hour later, she decided: I’ll try.And the rest is history. The Safaris have managed to score 2-0 in the third court squad, but the champion Serena has squeezed out of the last and took another six games. He was one of the most valuable cups, although he lost five sets (Roland Garros record) and a defeated finalist just two.

“When the game ended, she had nothing in it,” recalls the older sister Isha Price. “It took her a week for O.K. to win, but we were all scared too. This is not the second time I want to experience. “