Ledecka came to MS in combination at MS Twenty, Holdener won

The women’s race in the Alpine Combination at the World Championships in St. Moritz ended with a double triumph of Swiss skiers. Wendy Holdener won against Michelle Gisinova, third finished by Austrian Michaela Kirchgasser, who defended the bronze medal from the previous Vail championship. Ester Ledecká was in 20th place with a loss of 3.24 seconds on the winner of the best From the trio of Czech representatives. In the slalom, she improved three positions against the congress. Pavla Klicnarová finished 28th, the last among classified skaters, Kateřina Pauláthová did not finish slalom.

“I enjoyed both rides, but I did not have much chance to practice slalom.But I liked it, I did my best, “Ledecká said after the first combination of the world’s elite career.

” I’m probably about this place at the moment, but I try to move it with everyone Analyze something to find and move another ride. Hopefully, we’re going to break this down tomorrow, and we’ll fix it tomorrow, too, “she looked at Sunday’s congress, which is her main discipline.

The disadvantage for a 21-year-old skier and snowboarder and other speed disciples was the fact that The referees, due to the worse visibility, moved the start of the race and shortened the track. “I was looking forward to the top, I like the jump.And when it comes to the start, it’s going to be a breeze, but that decision was probably good because of the fog, “she admitted.

Before the races she set out to finish the thirteenth place, which she had accomplished. “I did not want to say I was going to be a dozen, though it might be a miracle, I want to improve gradually,” she added. >

Holdener has moved from seventh place after the race to the title, and after six years of senior gold, she has joined the junior team from the same discipline. “I did not believe it would be enough. There was some hesitation there and it was not the top ride, “said the first Swiss world champion among women since the triumph of Sonja Nef in Giant Slalom in 2001 in St. Louis.Anthony.

The silver Gisin win of the first big senior medal has extended the family collection of Olympic Gold at the Sochi Congress, won by her older sister Dominique.

Before slalom, Sofia Goggia and Slovenia Ilka Štuhecová, but they did not hesitate to score among the goals.

Lara Gutová has been able to increase the success of Switzerland. However, a bronze medalist from super slalom was injuring her knee in preparation for slalom and could not enter the second discipline. But the home audience could have applauded Denise Feierabend’s fourth place, just after Lindsey Vonn, the American star, was left behind.