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Coach Kamil Grosicki in really deep words criticized the idea of Marco van Basten

Ideas Marco van Bastena, head of the FIFA Commission to participate the development of football, on substitute rule met with little cool reception. In very solid words commented on their Christian Gourcuff, the coach of Rennes, where works Kamil Grosicki.
Famous Dutch soccer player would like to get rid of burned, to enter shots compatible 25 subway (the football player to complete part cycle – eight seconds) replacement cards punishments belts or introduction to the effective time of sights end 10 minutes of the match (details here).

Most supply mixed feelings, however normally controversy is the idea to eliminate burned. Is a manifestation of intelligence, says Gourcuff. The spirit of teamwork zniknąłby if they got rid of the burnt. If the this you see, therefore, doesn’t understand football. It inspiring about which I have heard. Back ranks as one village gave a second village and guests died.

Luke Teodorczyk has a one of the revelations of autumn

Luke Teodorczyk has a unique of the revelations of autumn in the sharp European leagues. The representative of Poland, borrowed from Kiev to Anderlechtu, strikes in Belgium goal for the Golem. It amount position Director of Violet rose frequently.
In 30 games of the autumn round Teodorczyk to any games has taken for Anderlechtu to 24 goals. Nothing different that the Belgians said that to use proposals . and summer pozyskają Pole for 4.5 million euros.

The high location of the attacker drew, of course, attention many premises from the English Premier League, and German. Anderlechtu Director Herman van Holsbeeck admits that in the summer Teodorczyk that to become with now given more club.

– When one team will be weak put too his € 30 million, that then it sit in the talks, – quotes the activist website

If the payment for Teodorczyka is right to vary within the ridge 30 million, can it to survive chosen national football player. If you was also so keeps Arkadiusz Milik, what Ajaksu Napoli was released for 32 million euros.

Where comes in the frame of Bayern player which can replace Robert Lewandowski.

Unfortunately sick in the frame of Bayern player what can change Robert Lewandowski. Will be presented in the spring without a break. Question while the latest withstand physically and mentally – interestingly was assistant “Bavaria” Thomas Strunz. On Friday at 20.30 game S. C. Freiburg – Bayern starts feature game rewanżowa Bundesliga
“What if Robert Lewandowski fall an important ? Where indicates as it to replace one drink. Not makes this Thomas müller, the is a his fashionable the position. Lewandowski will need to do on total matches because Bayern don’t most importantly in the Bundesliga with a comfortable advantage. In four months, Lewandowski can to play 25 games in the League, the League Performers and a Cup Germany. The question, or to be to keep the freshness exterior as well as crazy”, writes Thomas Strunz, midfielder of “Bavaria” in 1995-2001, European champion 1996, the article for “stern”.

Three points benefits, seven tournaments month

Bavaria goes Friday round rewanżową, having only three points the authorities over RB Leipzig and also front of him seven competitions in a month, until February 18: five football one in the German Cup and the perfect match of 1/8 final of the League Masters with Arsenal. Injuries and fatigue players then was the main issue round rewanżowych in Bayernie when a coach this Guild was PEP Guardiola. The Spaniard about is why mainly shared with German journalists: when wrote, did that his movement subjected to the players on the wounds. Robert Lewandowski has admitted recently one of the problems no freshness large factors of the European cups he was problem. And Carlo Ancelotti has been employed also, this action to this the matter to solve.

Alternate Lewandowski, the only weak point of Bayern

Bayern will start this year a part of the League, not the injured Jerome Boateng, however according to Thomas Strunza today Bavaria not in care good protected from the end of the injury of one of the players than the previous year, if you want when failed to download Serdara Tasciego. “Javier Martinez, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich applies able return. Bavaria made the same the future giving yourself short summer transfer Niklasa Süle (Hoffenheim defender – ed)”, – says Strunz. Encouraged also the Bavaria sea other player Hoffenheim, Sebastian Rudy, the football player so a large, complex, which important fail to move from protection on good the defense. Ore as well as feel to Bayern in the summer, without compensation. Problem is definitely an attack. The only weak point of Bayern, says Strunz, continually reaction the question to change Lewandowski?

Restaurer un professionnel de carrière difficile dans n’importe quelle forme

Restaurer un professionnel de carrière difficile dans n’importe quelle forme. Dans le basket-ball, au football, au hockey, où vous voulez, c’est difficile et longue, généralement, le processus de recherche de solutions optimales. En effet, nécessaire que fut la grande multitude de facteurs afin qu’ils croient, ont donné le jeu de la pratique, ont apporté une bouffée d’air frais, un la concurrence.

Pour les attaquants dans le football, tout devient plus difficile une fois à deux. En effet, de t’attendent buts d’exécution, victorieuses de matchs, des buts décisifs. Peu de gens sont capables de vraiment croire à l’avant, qui n’était pas en mesure de réaliser tout au long de la déjà longue et tangible de la période de temps: par exemple ne vont pas loin, et vous avez même le temps de lire ci-dessous – c’est Mario Balotelli. Personne- pour ce matériau.

Bien sûr, il n’est pas le seul, mais dans l’opposition on peut citer des tas d’exemples. Un tas, ce qui, croyez-moi, la petite ne semble pas. Mais se concentrer tout de même la peine, en premier lieu, ceux qui est de la société de super mario. Donc, nous allons .

et assez oeuvre simple prototype classique de l’avant du XXE siècle, la Basse Dosta de carrière shtormilo décemment. Il est assez fort pour parler de lui dans le «Emmen» et «» – ne sont pas les plus fortes équipes de championnat de Hollande, mais néanmoins. Dost intéressé à ces éminents des clubs comme l’Ajax et Twente, mais sur les conseils d’un agent se rendit dans le «Heerenveen». En général, presque toutes les transitions de début de carrière de la Basse arrivaient en raison de conditions extérieures, quelqu’un a influencé, mais, comme nous le voyons, dans ce cas, l’impact s’est avéré positif; sa productivit Dost a mérité la finale de la reconnaissance du public et est allé à la conquête allemande de la Bundesliga.

Dans l’Allemagne du tout en fait n’a pas fonctionné. La basse se rendit dans le «Wolfsburg», qui a passé quatre saisons, dont trois étaient pas en circulation sur une partie des statistiques. Et un seul, de la saison 2014/2015 est ressorti. Cette année, la livraison à la gloire de l’ au début de la seconde moitié. D’ailleurs, maintenant c’est seulement temporaire flash. Cet été, la Basse est devenu un joueur de lisbonne, le Sporting, qui a déjà réussi à marquer 5 buts en 6 matches. Peut-Dost atteindre le niveau de «Heerenveen»? Il sera très intéressant de regarder, eh bien, jusqu’à ce qu’il est déjà un joueur de son équipe nationale.

Encore un orage , Luc de Jong n’a pas immédiatement réalisé que dans le football de la grande Europe n’a pas sa place, et est retourné dans son pays natal après trois non-saisons en Allemagne et en Angleterre. L’histoire de 26 ans, l’attaquant a commencé assez lyrique: un an avec le fc Twente a attiré l’attention du Borussia. Pas , c’est vrai, mais vfl au moins. D’ailleurs, l’exemple de Marco Reus montre que de l’un à l’autre n’est pas si loin.

Mais avant le brillant discours de Marc, Luc était franchement loin. En 2014 même s’est produite location à Newcastle. vrai. Et voici une question: peut-être surestimé? Surestimé, comme surestiment beaucoup de jeunes attaquants des pays-bas. Probablement, au-dessus de lui, réfléchit, et lui-même de Jong, qui a pris la décision finale de la retourner dans les plus confortables pour les conditions, mais cette fois – PSV. À ce stade de la Trappe peut être appelé l’un des principaux acteurs au titre de l’équipe qui a remporté la victoire dans le championnat national deux années de suite. Les deux fois de Jong marqué plus de 20 buts par saison. Bien sûr, ce n’est pas le même championnat, qui était à Twente, sous la direction de Mclaren, où l’attaquant a joué beaucoup plus un rôle modeste.

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Sevilha fãs vaiaram Ramos, que tomou um gol

Sportingbet mobilO zagueiro Sergio Ramos salvou várias vezes suas metas para o Real Madrid pontos importantes, mas desta vez gol autoria derrota para o Sevilla, que terminou o registro série de 40 jogos sem derrota. Sevilha fãs aplaudiram, os jogadores trouxe o clube que apitou o jogo.

A trinta Ramos é natural de Sevilha, mas em dezenove anos mudou-se para o Real, onde ele está agora um capitão. apoiantes locais ainda não perdoá-lo, e quando sexta-feira na Taça de Espanha contra o Sevilla se transformou em uma cobrança de pênalti no estilo de Antonin Panenka e ajudou o Real Madrid a um empate 3: 3, reunindo os fãs uns Bet 365 contra os outros ainda mais. Especialmente quando os fãs xingando ao comemorar um gesticular objetivo.

Ao longo jogo da liga de domingo para a Ramos a cada contato com a bola assobiou e tentou expulsá-lo, bem como um banner: Isso nunca vai ser a sua casa. Cinco minutos antes do final do Ramos, em um esforço para afastar a bola em uma cabeça de situação padrão, ele marcou um gol no 1: 1º Na configuração arranjado um volume de negócios e Sevilha ganhando 2: 1 Stevan Jovetic. Real perdeu pela primeira vez desde abril, depois de 40 partidas. O único invicto em cinco mais fortes ligas europeias esta temporada continua alemão Hoffenheim.

“Em Sevilha Eu sempre jogo duro e, certamente, eu preferiria um melhor bem-vindo, mas quando eu entrar em campo, tento ignorar. Golo foi apenas uma coincidência, ou ele foi um dos meu melhor camisa performances no Real”, disse Ramos que tinha sobre si guincho fãs assinaram.

“Definitivamente não foi assim que após recorde afrouxou. Tudo mudou um único chute. Não poderíamos adicionar um segundo objetivo, que nós escolhemos, e nós permitido rivais lutam para virar. Mas podemos sair com a cabeça erguida e pensar sobre a próxima série,” disse um dos melhores do mundo rolhas.

Real liderou uma grande penalidade ao Cristiano Ronaldo. Para o melhor jogador atual no mundo, já era 56. Uma grande penalidade no campeonato espanhol, que igualou outra do Real lenda Hugo Sanchez. “Ballet Branco” Mas, para vencer o duelo nunca fez e não fez optar por uma recuperação na tabela de cabeça tinha cinco pontos e sete Barcelona, Sevilha. Em vez disso, ele perde um ponto Sevilla e Barcelona são dois, mas o Real tem um jogo a menos.

Adaptace dítěte do dětského zahradě

Připravte se na změnu bylo by hezké, několik měsíců před nástupem na děti zahrady. Pokuste se rozšířit svět komunikace dítě – často chodí s ním na návštěvu, , co dělají a jak se chovají děti na hřišti, povzbuzovat a podporovat jeho iniciativy v rozhovoru s druhými.

Naučte své dítě poznávat – zpočátku se budete ptát děti, jako je jejich jméno, a předkládat jim vlastní , ale v určitém bodě to začne vzít z vás příklad. Zkuste na vycházkách uspořádat hry pro děti – ať to bude dokonce ta míčová hra – je důležité, aby málo si všiml, že hrát společně s ostatními může být velmi zábavné. Seznamte se s režimem dne, děti, zahradu a rovnoměrně začít navyknout k němu vlastní dítě. Tento režim je asi podobný pro všechny mateřské školky a možná liší, někde na 30 minut. Jako obvykle v 8.30 v zahradách, děti mají snídani, a již v 9 -10 hodin, u nich se konají hodiny, pak zhruba do 11.30 děti chodí, asi ve 12 hodin oběd, 13.00 – 15.00 spaní. Pak děti čeká svačina, pak se vracejí na procházku, nebo hrát v kapele. Večeře začínají přibližně za 5 hodin.

Učíte hrát. K zlosti, moderní děti stále méně mohou vykonávat tak běžné, je pro ně záležitost. Oni mohou hrát bez pomoci jiných, vytvářet herní děj, a všechny jejich herní činnost splývá k běžné činnosti s hračkami (ťuk, házet, rozbíjet). Dítě, které je schopen, aby se nějakou hrou snadněji se zapojit do kolektivu mateřské školky, najít pro sebe přátele. dítě v kolektivní -hraní rolí (panenky, domeček, , atd.) tyto hry učí dítě komunikaci, vytvářejí emoce, seznámí se světem kolem nás.

dítě k nezávislosti v oblasti hygieny a sebepéče. Na době zařízení do školky, dítě musí naučit sám oblékat sandály, chodit na nočník, tak to bude cítit ve skupině bezpečněji. Pokud jste pochopili, že v blízké čas budoucí dítě začne navštěvovat dětský zahrádka, vyjměte z něj plenky (nechte to dokonce i v první době vzít s sebou přinese změnu slušný oblečení a utírat louže). drobky do hrnce () – obvykle v má a pak, a další.

Adaptace dítěte do dětského zahradě

Poskytněte v ruce lžíci, ukažte, jak je třeba jí využít pravda. , že nelze hrát za stolem. Samozřejmě, v prvních dnech pečovatelé budou jeho , ale děti poměrně málo, a čas příjmu potravy je omezen režimem.

Když jdete na procházku, ne ve spěchu oblékat dítě – ať se to pokusí sám, ať to vezme hodně času. Pomoc dítěti při oblékání, , jak pravda nohou sandály, nosit punčochy, sako.

zdraví batole. Mnoho batolata (lze říci, že velká část), kteří před nástupem na zahradě prakticky žádné zakořenění, začínají tam často nemocný. Základ tohoto – a nové bakterie, s nimiž se dítě setkává, přichází do zahrady. Celkem virus SARS asi 200 druhů, a často tělo vaše batole je stále s nimi nesetkáme – je pravděpodobné, , ale závažnost onemocnění bude záviset na pevnosti imunitního systému – u některých batolat vše vylil na týdenní rýma, a druhé – v zánětu středního ucha, zápal plic, zánět průdušek. Stres, který dítě zažívá v současných podmínkách také snižuje obranyschopnost organismu. Je třeba být připraven při prvních příznacích onemocnění léčit dítě, aby porazit nemoc v počáteční fázi. Proti chřipce můžete používat pro děti ve formě sirupu.

Autor: Poľský obchod s butelki dla niemowląt a rovnaký obchod pre kielientów Slovensko – detský nábytok a Ceska Republika – povlečení hello kitty

Jedną z najbardziej głośnych nowości ostatnich dni światowego futbolu

Jedną z najbardziej głośnych nowości ostatnich dni światowego futbolu była rekordowa dla 10-letniego okresu czasu seria porażek Jose Mourinho. Trener Manchesteru United po raz pierwszy za wskazany okres został pokonany w trzech meczach z rzędu. Odpowiednio, i sam klub wraz ze swoimi graczami przeżywa nieudaną serię. “Czerwone diabły” dobrze rozpoczęły i muszę powiedzieć, że z początkiem sezonu w pierwszej połowie i na koniec startowych pasuje do wydawały się zespołem, jest w stanie narzucić ostateczną walkę o tytuł. Gdzieniegdzie trzeba było przykręcić nakrętki, zbudować polecenia chemię, wpisać początkujących, nie samodzielnie, ale wszystko to wydawało się kwestią czasu.

Czasu, który płynął nieubłaganie i oto werdykt. Werdykt od Danny ‘ego Murphy’ ego, z którym całkowicie się zgadzam:

“…– “United grał zaniedbany i dopuszczał błędy: są stracił biegacze, z na 25 metrów – to podstawowe rzeczy dla najlepszych drużyn. “” muszę przyznać, zniszczyli grę “UNITED” i sami bawić się świetnie. Ale “United” przez długi czas nie był sobą. Nie widać było, aby “UNITED” był jakiś plan na grę, – cytuje słowa byłego brytyjskiego piłkarza BBC….”

drużyna wróciła prawie do własnego własnego stanu próbki z ubiegłego sezonu, a z punktu widzenia rezultatu – nawet gorzej. Myślisz o tym tylko, Mourinho nie przegrał trzy razy z rzędu, nawet w ramach przerażającego dla siebie i Chelsea ubiegłego piłkarskiego roku, w atmosferze, gdzie piłkarze wylewa swojego trenera, w otoczeniu tradycyjnie nieudanym “trzeciego sezonu Jose”. Po dymisji portugalskiego szkoleniowca można było znaleźć wiele powodów, dla których urzędującego mistrza praktycznie wszystko poszło nie tak. A co się stało z obecnym “United”?

Początkowo – derby. Jeden z najbardziej oczekiwanych meczów sezonu. Sami pomyślcie: konfrontacja Guardioli i Mourinho, pierwszy w Anglii, duży derby, której nadano szczególnie ważny status w ostatnich latach, walka drużyn, na ten moment klasyfikacji mistrzostw. W sumie, “must see”, jak to się mówi. Obaj trenerzy starali: mecz wyszedł tak jak miał wyjść, co najmniej ze względu na głośną plakaty, a podstawy do tego położył trenerzy obu drużyn, nie tylko zainteresowanie na długo przed początkowym gwizdkiem, ale i swoimi decyzjami podczas gry, widoczne zmiany, przywracania do życia piłka nożna.

Piłkarze Manchesteru City świetnie kontrolowali centrum w całym meczu, trzymali grę w szerokich pozycjach, co zmusiło przeciwnika odbudować taktyczne informacjami już w przerwie. Poszli wymiany, bo w swoim stylu Guardiola zawsze widział środek pola podporą. Nie można powiedzieć, że Pep pokonał swojego vis-a-vis. Nie można winić kogoś jednego, jak mówić o tej grze w tym samym duchu, że pójdzie rozumowanie i o dwóch innych. Ale Mourinho znalazła swój wymówka:

“…– Arbiter Mark popełnił dzisiaj dwa poważne błędy. W odcinku z Bravo był karny, a powinien był dostać czerwoną kartkę. Jeśli ktoś z moich graczy zrobił to w środku pola – Rooney lub – usuwanie i rzut wolny. W polu karnym trudniej przypisać taki faul i sędzia nie chciał go przymocować, – powiedział po meczu Jose….”

Następnie odbyły się pierwsze mecze grupowe etapów rozgrywek. Niezależnie i nieatrakcyjne dla najlepszych klubów Ligi Europy nie była, skoro znalazły się w jej losowaniu – proszę ich oddawać. W każdym razie, zwycięstwo nawet tutaj honoru i chwały nie zmniejszyć ogień i obniżenia – raczej wręcz przeciwnie, doda. I nawet całkiem nieźle.

Tak, że nacisk na turnieju na arenie europejskiej robić nie warto. Nawet ci, panie José. Na konferencji prasowej portugalczyk dosłownie potwierdził, że jego piłkarzom ciężko znaleźć motywację przed meczem Ligi Europy. Cóż, to było widać podczas walki z “”.


a new member of staff what in 2009 got a bronze world championship medal.

hip member of staff what in 2009 got a bronze world championship medal. With the past period had among her to be and played at least the first League. Right before continuing mundialem struggled with injury. In spite of Adam Malcher failed desires and were character in match with Norway (20:22).

to Become while fear. Defended criminal right now in primary second the following in equal to method stopped rivals more than two times. If the only private attack was regarding more effective was the hero of nightmares by the representatives of Norway – to protect with an efficiency of 44%.! His business personnel skinny and at the same time uneven.

It greatest result promotion dark medal of the world championship-2009. Presented the for all 10 meetings, but have lived on the field a total of an hour and a half. The reason is named is John Money. When made up najznakomitszej services no other goalie in Poland he could not meet fight wylewała so seriously, title number or two.
Fell of the leaders

23-year-old then Malcher this action lost and soon after dropped from the staff. Zmiennikiem “Minister of Defense” is often was Piotr Wyszomirski, what drink also, Marcin Wichary. Among the the current theme Malcherowi remained performances in the skin of the club. In najcieńszej the League debuted now, at the age of 16 years. After eight years in the Guard Opole passed Represents in Grozny, where earned four championship medals Russian and exhibited in the Champions League.

Ultimately, however, came back into Guard. Were it even drop to 1. League. Intro former club was unusual problems financial its survival was compromised. Near to it Malcher decided to to keep in Opole, where games status local legend. Summer worked a little case of the your Guild. When the same admitted in debate with the “Studio” Sport”, were now almost gathered “but current term appeared hope to the simplicity of in Opole also steel as I thus, the”.

His nickname is “Yogi”. Because enough slow, your works too situation – at 198 cm in height is 114 kg. However not destroys he last, or a little in gate, the gate is a interview with stops opponents.
Assumed in return

Not write weapons. Usually have fear of chance. Each athlete, there is think are ambition is to show in frame of the country. If the I’d recognition to the eyes of the coach, of course, I’m on every call – said several mai volume of return to the national team. Los to it, smiled. After the Olympics career finished presentable Ivan the Bucks, and Piotr Wyszomirski – which excellent recorded in Brazil – he was injured. Opened up the door staff and sweatshirt no. 1. With Norway not went with pad even in the second even how you need time arrive to itself after defending the opponent’s blow my .

Despite the fact, a good view left poor and thanked for service staff spent. All athletes were rozpisani coaches. Placed where required also thus managed to defend a few shots in this decision explained his intervention.
Anxiety before the championship

And think more two weeks fact were one, and kit goes to France. He struggled with a hand injury, was rice bone of the thumb. wealth fear presented raw as well as then Malcher got most of the praise for the speech competition outdoor in Irun. The coach trusted me, a lot of talked and draw tournament as point one. I heard “Adam take you as well as the fact important to the goalkeeper was guarantee, that intends a loan trust as well as at prior bad combat not is falling jury. match and also wszelcy had hope to play wrote in debate with “Unknown Base Opolską”.

– Super played Adam Malcher. In gate staged a wonderful stuff. Required that’s why to apply to said on competition with Norway Michael Visor, the second character of the Poles (efficiency 7/7). Colleagues need as quickly to repay the debt themselves Malcherowi as well to damage his effort times one more.

Their former match were be the same value on Friday.

Small cells with “two” Agnieszka Radwanska it is British tenisistką Johanną Kontą (6.) 4:6, 2:6 in the outcome of the WTA Premier event in Sydney. Polka after 28. took place to large meeting, and are for the eighth time recorded it defeat.

The third in the global ranking 27-year-old Radwanska three times faced 10. the present Assembly Kontą. In both previous phases what were place in last season is more efficiently.

Their the recent match was be the same value on Friday. In October, outgoing from Krakow athlete won probably goal in Beijing in two sets, went for 20. – a new while while – rank promotions. Younger than with her two years, the British for the third time won scheduled of the match. Won once – last year in the U.S. Stanford.

On Friday, the Briton won at the time one more. Not presented Radwańskiej no chance. Polka on the court was felt and disappointed. In other set of even asked about the services your coach Tomas Wiktorowskiego, only and of course did not give advice rywalce. In the whole match even from her won – in a period if was now large possibilities of achievement.

Tournament in Sydney played existed in the courts, and the prize Fund amounted to 776 thousand UAH. dollars.

Radwanska 1. round organizing Monday wielkoszlemowego tournament Australian Open will play against Bulgarian tenisistką Cwetaną Pironkową.

Moldova – Serbia 0:3

Energybet bonusOffered an interesting match on Thursday evening qualifying group D. In it happened Moldova, for which they were premiered at this year’s battle for the participation at the World Cup in Russia two years with Serbia, which his opening match in qualifying dismissed a month ago at home with Ireland, which resulted in the Belgrade final draw 2: 2 when the jednaosmdesáté minutes, equalized Irish Daryl Murphy.

And already in this qualification guests experienced the match went much better. Already in the nineteenth minute after an error captain of the home team Epureanu half the field reached the balloon Tadic, who after subsequent sprint and two on one situation before sending the ball lone goalkeeper Filip Kostic and summer reinforcements Hamburg, Germany comfortably got its entirety to jednobrankového leadership.

Even worse for the home Moldovans were in the thirty-seventh minute. Then rozehrával today very active Tadic corner kick short to Kostic, who had the ball in an instant and returned Tadic sent a gorgeous curl into the penalty area, where he found the head of Branislav Ivanovic. Chelsea defender masterfully got the ball with a header for a goalie back and Serbs cabs carried the leadership of Moldova on two goals.

Its unique and superior performance in the evening culminated in the second act Dusan Tadic. In the fifty-ninth minute he opened the hero of the match further offensive action pass to the side střídajícímu Kataiovi that the pitch for the second half replacing Pavlovich, who had the favor returned to the edge of the penalty area and Tadic face the keeper coolly scored the third goal guests. More goals already and did not match the Serbs and celebrate the victory.